One of the focal points of the IHOD Shop is to make good art more accessible for everyone. Offering digital downloads means that we don’t have to overcharge to account for overstocking or damaged goods. This allows you to get the best price for an art download with unlimited printing options. 

In this post, I wanted to share my recommendations for printing in a variety of finishes and price points!

Highly recommend MPIX for printing your art downloads! They offer high quality giclee and canvas prints at really great price points! Upload your download files directly to their site, and have them shipped to you!


For highest quality prints, you can try artifact uprising. They print on thick high archival paper that captures every detail of a photo or artwork and a wide variety of sizing. I also like how there is an option to print with bleed which is the larger white border around your image.

I recommend using their Large Format Prints, which only offer one paper and finish type, and can print up to 40"x30" prints. The prints are a giclée process on acid-free, heavy weight, Archival Matte Paper with a smooth, neutral-white finish.



If you would like to print your art on large wrap around canvases (as pictured above in 30 x 40 in. sizes), the best option I have found is easycanvasprints.com. They are the most affordable for the quality.

Upload your print files to the site, and canvases can be printed and shipped to you. The floral prints are sized for large formats; if you get a different print, be sure to check the dimensions as I note above.


A slightly different but beautiful option is engineer prints. These are printed on paper typically used for architectural plans, which is an extra light paper but with some beautiful color rendering. Parabo Press has great ones at a $30 flat rate. Note: They are quite large! 3 x 4 ft.


Local printing companies are also a great option for high quality prints in larger sizes. Depending on the printer, they may offer different materials as well such as cardstock, canvas, or foam core. They can advise you on paper options and will usually help you make sure your file is of sufficient quality for the size.



FEDEX OFFICE: FedEx has a variety of printing options and an easy online system for setting up your prints.

STAPLES: I know many people have had good luck with Staples' color quality, and they can accommodate very large sizes

UPS STORE - Your local UPS Store can print color or black and white prints. The quality isn't as good as the options listed above, but for the black and white or minimal color prints it works.

OfficeMax: OfficeMax has high quality printers that can print larger files for you. The color outcome is usually pretty accurate.

HOME PRINTER: If you have a color printer, stick in some cardstock and instantly print your IHOD art prints from home! This would best work by fitting print to frame and printing on 8x11.

A note about file sizes

If you've ever printed an image in very large size, you've probably run into issues with the picture looking a bit pixelated. Your file size will need to be high resolution, which means there is a greater pixel density, and therefore quality information in the file for each dot of the print to look sharp and life-like.

Even high-res files have their natural limits. On each print's information page you can find the dimensions of the file that you will receive—that is the max size that your image dimension can be printed without starting to get a little blurry. So if your file is listed as 8.5" x11", it will likely turn out a bit pixelated if you try to print it at 11" x 14". You can still print larger than the file size, it just will not look as crisp. 

We ask that you please do not re-distribute or share any files or artwork. It is meant only for one customer per order.