Handwritten Recipe Engraved Cutting Board

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Handwritten Recipe Engraved Cutting Board
Handwritten Recipe Engraved Cutting Board
Handwritten Recipe Engraved Cutting Board
Handwritten Recipe Engraved Cutting Board
Handwritten Recipe Engraved Cutting Board

Handwritten Recipe Engraved Cutting Board

$69.00 Sale Save
Material Maple
Handwritten Recipe Engraved Cutting Board
Turn a handwritten recipe or note into a memorable gift!

Upload a handwritten recipe or note, and have it engraved onto our heirloom quality kitchen boards. Each board is hand crafted from locally sourced American maple or cherry hardwoods. A memorable gift for Mother's Day, weddings, holidays, anniversary, housewarming, or birthdays. The double sided design allows you to use for every day use or prop it on a stand for a unique decor piece in your kitchen.

Dimensions: 8.5 in. W x 17 3/4 in. L

- All orders come with one complimentary maintenance kit which includes: care guide, all natural handcrafted food safe board wax, and applicator pad. When purchasing multiple items in a single order, consider adding additional maintenance kits.

- Every Maris Home board is responsibly sourced and milled at local Midwest family operated small businesses, and handcrafted by local artisans. 

- Each piece of wood is hand selected to ensure the highest grade American walnut, maple, or cherry and arrives fully seasoned, oiled, and ready for use. 

    Recipe Photo Guidelines (sample) 

    • Place your recipe on a standard sheet of 8.5 x 11 white printer paper.
    • Take photo of recipe so that the frame of the picture lines up with the edge of the printer paper. 
    • Be sure to take the photo in good lighting with no shadows covering the recipe.
    • It is not recommended to use flash when taking the photo.
    • Zoom in on photo to ensure the letters are not blurry. 
    • If recipe is a double sided index card, be sure to upload back side as well.
    • See Video example in images. 


    Board Care Instructions:

    When you receive your cutting board from Maris Home, it arrives pre-seasoned with mineral oil, and ready to use. A tin of board wax and buffer pad are also included in your order! Be sure to continually season your board at least once a month with the food safe wax included in your order to properly preserve it.

    The wax penetrates the wood and helps to prevent liquids and moisture from absorbing into the board. This will also help prevent the board from warping or cracking over time. When first applying, be sure to cover the entire board until you can visually see that the board has darkened in color and has a wet look to it. Once the entire board is covered, you can use a towel to continue to spread throughout and let the towel absorb any excess. After a coat has been thoroughly applied, we recommend sitting the board on a wire rack or upright so it can properly dry.

    If you have several cutting marks or scuffs after use of your board, you can use the buffer pad included in your order to gently sand them down to diminish appearance before applying your board wax.

    Things to avoid:

    After using your cutting board, make sure your board is clean of any liquids in order to keep sanitary. In order to properly clean, here are some methods to avoid:

    Do not put your cutting board in the dishwasher. The excess heat and water from a dishwasher can wash away the oils, causing the board to absorb water and heat. This can cause the board to warp or crack.

    Do not submerge or let your cutting board soak in water. The wood can potentially absorb the water causing it to warp over time.

    Do not use bleach or other chemicals on your board for cleaning.

    Do not lay your cutting board down flat after cleaning. If one side dries and the other stays wet, this can cause the board to warp to one side.

    Cleaning Your Board:

    Wash your board in the sink using soap, warm water, and either a rag or scrub to clean off. You can run your board under water while scrubbing in order to clean off any liquids or potential bacteria from cooking.

    After cleaning, immediately towel dry or air dry upright so all sides can dry equally. If your board shows signs of drying out or wear after cleaning, re-apply your Maris Home board wax.

    If you have any questions please contact us!

    All orders are custom made. Please allow 5-7 business days for orders to process and ship.

    Once your order has been processed for shipping, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with tracking info. 
    Standard shipping: Depending on location, shipping should take approx. 3 to 6 business days to arrive.
    Expedited shipping: If you select expedited shipping, all orders should arrive in 2 to 3 business days.

    Returns: For custom made products, we cannot accept returns. We make sure all materials are safely packed for delivery of your cutting boards in prime condition. However, if there are any issues with quality of your boards, please email us with photos within 30 days: support@maris-home.com so we can help resolve the issue! (We cannot be responsible for any lost or stolen packages.)

    Selling or re-distribution of files or printed images is strictly prohibited. By purchasing from this store, you agree to the terms and conditions.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Sommer M.
    Absolute perfection

    11/10 recommend. 6/5 stars. Absolute perfection. So beautiful, such a great depiction of the handwriting. We have this to my MIL for Mother’s Day with her late mother’s recipe, and her reaction was the same as what ours was when we first opened the package. Definitely plan on ordering for other family members and one for our own kitchen

    Mariah J.
    Absolutely Loved

    My mom instantly burst into tears when she saw her board. It turned out lovely, was packaged carefully, and had very nice instructions on how to care for the product along with wax and a pad to apply it! I want to mention that I considered ordering something similar off of Etsy shops & found for a board of this size and quality, this pricing was extremely fair. Also, I messaged Anna on instagram with a special request and it was executed perfectly. Couldn't be more happy!

    Beautiful, heirloom quality. So happy!

    I bought two—one for my mom and one for me! They are stunning. Gabe and Anna put so much love and expertise into the design and were incredibly helpful, even reaching out to help make sure we had the best possible photo to use for the engraving. The wood is gorgeous and beautiful quality. My grandmother’s famous recipe will now be the first thing I see in our kitchen.

    This makes us so happy to hear! Our hope was that these boards would allow the chance to turn special notes and recipes into heirlooms! Thank you for the kind review!