Board Care Kit

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Board Care Kit
Board Care Kit
Board Care Kit
Board Care Kit

Board Care Kit

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Board Care Kit

The care kit includes a 2oz tin of food safe board wax, an applicator pad, and a care guide.

Our all natural, food safe cutting board wax is handmade with organic fractionated coconut oil, organic beeswax, organic carnauba wax and organic essential oils. 

1. Apply the wax directly to your cutting board with a microfiber cloth,
   a paper towel, or best of all the included applicator pad.

2. Apply generously to the entire board while rubbing in a circular motion.

3. Buff off any excess wax with soft cloth or paper towel.

4. For best results, repeat this process after each washing.

Board Care Instructions:

When you receive your cutting board from Maris Home, it arrives pre-seasoned with mineral oil, and ready to use. A tin of board wax and buffer pad are also included in your order! Be sure to continually season your board at least once a month with the food safe wax included in your order to properly preserve it.

The wax penetrates the wood and helps to prevent liquids and moisture from absorbing into the board. This will also help prevent the board from warping or cracking over time. When first applying, be sure to cover the entire board until you can visually see that the board has darkened in color and has a wet look to it. Once the entire board is covered, you can use a towel to continue to spread throughout and let the towel absorb any excess. After a coat has been thoroughly applied, we recommend sitting the board on a wire rack or upright so it can properly dry.

If you have several cutting marks or scuffs after use of your board, you can use the buffer pad included in your order to gently sand them down to diminish appearance before applying your board wax.

Things to avoid:

After using your cutting board, make sure your board is clean of any liquids in order to keep sanitary. In order to properly clean, here are some methods to avoid:

Do not put your cutting board in the dishwasher. The excess heat and water from a dishwasher can wash away the oils, causing the board to absorb water and heat. This can cause the board to warp or crack.

Do not submerge or let your cutting board soak in water. The wood can potentially absorb the water causing it to warp over time.

Do not use bleach or other chemicals on your board for cleaning.

Do not lay your cutting board down flat after cleaning. If one side dries and the other stays wet, this can cause the board to warp to one side.

Cleaning Your Board:

Wash your board in the sink using soap, warm water, and either a rag or scrub to clean off. You can run your board under water while scrubbing in order to clean off any liquids or potential bacteria from cooking.

After cleaning, immediately towel dry or air dry upright so all sides can dry equally. If your board shows signs of drying out or wear after cleaning, re-apply your Maris Home board wax.

If you have any questions please contact us!

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